A special thanks to the UE4 Marketplace. All current graphical assets came from there and will soon be replaced with original content. Music by Landon Barnacles of TimeScar. More to come!

Interested in joining the team?

UE4 experienced game developers only please.

Disclaimer: Must have examples, references, and experience in game development to apply and be considered. TCOT is being developed in primarily in UE4. This will not start as a paying gig. Anyone involved that contributes will be paid for their time as funding becomes available and based on their contributions.

Our Mission


Right now, we are putting together a team of developers to take on the bulk of programming and creating assets. 


Using Unreal 4 Engine, we will continually strive to ensure that graphics are not only AAA but charming as well.


The Crack of Time will have an initial release demo that will basically be an intro to the game. This will be made available for purchase and to certain Kickstarter supporters.  

About The Crack of Time

The “Crack” of Time is meant to be a charming action RPG comedy. It will be both serious and off the wall. Using elements from both new and classic shows and games from the 70’s to today. 

The game will feature an in depth story, cinematics, and the best gameplay elements possible.